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Japan|11/14 : Red Brick Warehouse


Red Brick Warehouse a historical building that was used as Tax Customs Buildings located at Yokohama Port. There are 2 warehouse buildings here. These buildings now used for shopping complex, banquet halls and meeting venue.


Red Brick Warehouse No. 2, used as shopping mall and restaurant arcade, and a balcony from which visitors can view the harbour opened on the 3rd floor in 2007



Red Brick Warehouse No. 1, used s a cultural facility, and is utilized as an event venue for art exhibitions, film festivals, musical competitions and plays

Our intention at Red Brick Warehouse area was getting our breakfast at Bills to celebrate our first day in 2017! Bills is recommended by Mr. F. He ate here before and he loved the pancake very much. The place was quite expensive but spoil tummy once in a while is not killing our wallet. :p

Bills is very popular among locals so we expected long queue lines. The restaurant is not only located in Yokohama but also in Ginza, Odaiba, Omotesando, spread until Osaka and Fukuoka! When we reached the entrance around 9.20AM, there were quite a line there. But it was still OK. But after few minutes we lined up, there were so many people come and queue coming up behind us! So fast!

But while Mr. F offering himself to line up, I explored around. hehe

There are some decorative temporary wall with cute illustration. I just took some of them. I think it was meant to celebrate winter season



View to our back. The way we came to Red Brick Warehouse

After 30 minutes of waiting under warm sunlight, the waitress showed us our table. ❤

Bills breakfast menus are available until 11AM. There were so many choices to choose! I feel like I wanna try everything in the menu! I’m so greedy! >_< The breakfast was varied from granola, fruit bowl, breads and scones, salad or french toast, and some big meals.

Inside Bills

Our Beverages

Mr. F and his Bills Hot Chocolate ¥700

Me and my cappuccino ¥650

Our Meals


Ricotta Hotcakes, Fresh Banana, Honeycomb Butter ¥1,500

Mr. F’s favorite, the hotcakes were sooo fluffy! It were thick and not too sweet. But the banana and the honey compliments the plain hotcakes to taste.



Toasted sourdough, avocado, lemon, fresh salmon, horenzo, poached eggs ¥1,790

My favorite dishes all in 1 plate (that’s the reason why I chose it). Salmon, avocados, horenzo ( sauté spinach ). Yum~

Overall about Bills Yokohama, we both very happy with the meals. Price equals with the quality. Long queue worth waiting. The interior was very cozy and warm. We would try other branch of Bills in Japan. 🙂 Worth to try!


FYI, Bills is very easy to find. Photo above is the Warehouse No. 2. Bills is the shop with glass walls protruding from the red brick warehouse.

Alright, our tummy full now! Let’s pay the bill!


Oh! You can try this vehicle, sorry I have no information how much it is


Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Bills Yokohama Red Brick

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Building No. 2

Mon – Fri 09.00 – 23.00










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