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Japan|13/14 : Goodbye Itabashi!


07.00 AM in Itabashi. Last morning peek from our Airbnb. We will check out today and moved to our last place to sleep. Actually we should check out yesterday. We totally booked the wrong date! Fortunately, Tyga, our kind host, he allowed us to sleep for another night (with the payment of course!) but we need to spend more money that we budgeted for the trip. 😦

This is the view of our tatami room. We have the balcony on the left side. A coffee table beside the room door. And the traditional built-in wardrobe on the right side of our luggage. (It’s our cabin luggage by the way, we stored the large luggage in the wardrobe)

Our plan today to visit Tsukiji Fish Market! A must visit place for tourists, so we wanted to go there for breakfast (so many food stalls in the outer market)!

How to get there?

Itabashi Station via JR Saikyo Line – Shinjuku Station – via Toei Oedo LineTsukijishijo



Traditional Japanese paintings made on the wall in train station are so pretty! Japanese always proud with their country and culture.



Nooooo…….not again! 







Another disappointment during New Year in Japan. 😦 After we walk around in front of Tsukiji Fish Market, we walked back to the station. By that time, some tourists just arrived there too. They were disappointed too and just like us, decided to take photos anywhere they could in front of Tsukiji.

As my visit to Tsukiji was made in 2017, that time, Japanese government will relocate the fish market to a new market area which was scheduled since November 2016 as the preparation for the upcoming Olympics in 2020. The citizens concerned about the new area is populated (previously was gas production plant) and needed to be cleaned up. Then it was postponed until 2018. As per 6th October 2018, Tsukiji Fish Market officially moved to new area in Toyosu and become Toyosu Market. The Tsukiji outer market still remain.

Tsukiji Fish Market opened in 1935 as the largest wholesale fish market in the world. Popular for the tuna auction in the early morning which become one of the tourist attraction where the tourists can directly see the auction. But the new Toyosu Market not allowed this kind of experience for tourists as they only can watch the auction behind the glass. Toyosu is almost twice the size of Tsukiji, at 40.7ha vs. 23.1ha, more than allowing the market to retain its status as the biggest fish market in the world.


Tsukiji Outer Market

5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chūō, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan

Varies by shop, typically 05:00 to 14:00
Closed on Sunday and public holidays. Some shops closed on Wednesday
Toyosu Market
6 Chome-3 Toyosu, Koto, Tokyo 135-0061, Japan
05:00 – 17:00, some shops open on 07:00 AM
Closed on Sunday and public holidays




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