the girl behind the blog


Hello nice to e-meet you!

I’m Gracia Beatrice, born in 1990. An ambivert who can stay in the bedroom whole day or socializing around close friends. Currently working in interior design department in retail industry in Indonesia. Occasionally receive side jobs for layouting & designing. A photographer hobbyist since 2008 who prefer to stay behind the lens. I captured things that I found it interesting through my eyes.


The name came to my mind right away when I imagine about beach & the sea. Fall in love with beach, sea and basically water (blue color too). I’m not a good swimmer (right now) but I actually took swimming class when I was kindergarten. This is silly, but I forgot how to swim after I stopped my swimming class during primary school. Still in love with water though.

sun&seasalts in an online platform where mostly about personal life, filled with random interests : exploring new places, filling my tummy, capturing moments and bunch of other interesting things. Enjoy ♥



Got more questions?Ask me!





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