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Bandung |1/5 : Paskal Food Market


Din-din-dinnerrrr time! It was raining that day (well it’s January-rainy season in Indonesia). Luckily we had poncho raincoats in our motorbike. Yea, we rent (technically borrowed) a motorbike from his colleague who stays in Bandung. Why we choose motorbike instead of car? We understand that it will be more comfortable for us to enjoy our trip and highland trip rather than motorbike. But…..I remind Mr. F again that there will be some traffic jams along the way. So we decided to choose the motorbike. We brought our raincoats from home just in case his colleague didn’t provide us one. He provided us 2 helmets too!

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Japan | Day 1/14 : A dream came true

Have you ever had your dream come true? My childhood dream was granted last December which was to step my foot in Japan. I do love Japan, all of it, since I was a kid. There were so many anime and manga that I watched and read up until now. Well it may sounds cheesy, but I can’t even have my soul in my work since November because counting down to the day. I was imagining how will I reacted when I arrived in Japan on that day. Will I cry? Will I shocked? It’s like, ‘Finally I achieve my childhood dream, finally it came true!’.  *sniff* (even when I’m writing right now, I still feel touched, shame on me..haha)

It was exactly a month ago, me and Mr.F departed from Jakarta to Narita which was on 22nd December 2016. It should be 4 of us but the other two friends can’t make it because of other plans. We booked our ticket last February as soon as Mr. F see the ANA website showing December ticket availability! It was cost Rp 7,387,900 for 2-way tickets. It was affordable! We expected it will be more than 10 million rupiah since it was peak season. So happy! So here I am, starts to flashback and share my trips with you guys 🙂

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Kuala Lumpur Short Trip|2/3 : KL Trip & Wedding Dinner


Thank you all for brought us around

3rd round for foods!Haha this time I ate a little. I think my tummy needs sometime to rest. So this time we met at Poppo Kitchen nearby Leisure Mall at Taman Segar area. We met Leong and Winnie here. We came here not because we were hungry but to accompany Leong for brunch.


Half boiled eggs and Carrot Milk were chosen by me. Why? Because I missed them so much! It feels different if I eat these in KL :p Well since I did not eat here, I did not take any food photos here. But Poppo Kitchen serves local foods and Indian foods.

After that, Leong and Winnie brought us around central Kuala Lumpur and KLCC. I suggested to come here because Mr.F never been here before. Well, he went to Malaysia once but it was a very long time ago.


City Park behind KLCC


After around 2 hours walked around inside outside KLCC, we went back to KS house to prepare for Suew Yeng’s wedding tonight.



Happy wedding to Suew Yeng & Sam!!


You know why I willingly to come so far away from Jakarta to KL only for the wedding moment? Because this is the only time I can meet and gather with all of them. I missed them so much that I’m so happy just to see them. As time flies, people tend to be ‘busy’ to meet each other which means all about priorities. But I’m so happy that they were willing to purposely come and gather in one place to meet me! Cherish them so much ❤


Copy this from my instagram because I think I lost it 😥


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Yogyakarta Trip|Day 1/3 : Arrival

I’m writing this post while covered myself with blanket & sweater, recovering from fever since Monday. I thought I got Dengue from this trip. But fortunately, the lab result turned out to be normal. The doctor said that I just need to take rest at home for few days. 🙂

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Rainy Evening

This was taken from my iphone 5s, sorry for the low quality due to low exposure.

Having a rooftop is always inside my wish list. It’s because I love just to stare far away and enjoying the view. Even, I think I could just stay there alone, think nothing while listening to chillin’ songs and sipping a cup of hot chocolate. relaxing. I felt that I’m lucky that I’m working in a shopping mall (especially in construction dept), so I could have a chance to sneak to the rooftop last night. Well actually because of Mr F ‘access card’. 😀


Candid by Mr F, I was rubbing my eye actually

There were just two of us here, since some maintenance staffs went back home. I started to drizzle again when we walked around. This was the second time I came, my first was in the afternoon during lunch time.

While the inside the mall was crowded, it was very silent in the rooftop. I wanted to see the sunset, but we were too late. But I was happy that I still can see the pinkish sky even just for a while.


Taken by Mr F from his phone

We left the rooftop when it starts to rain. Hopefully Mr F brought an umbrella, so we shared the umbrella. *feels so romantic :p

Oh, and it’s been more than a month since I cut my hair short after 5 years. 🙂








This is my first entry in the blog. Finally I made it! ‘Having a blog’ is inside my resolution this year.

I’m actually not a writer, not even a good one. I started to write a diary few years back just to pour out my feelings & thoughts. As an introvert, I do have some people whom I shared feelings & thoughts. But, sometimes things are hardly to be shared, either it’s too painful, shameful or I think people wouldn’t understand.

If you think that I only wrote things that I hide from people, no it’s not. I wrote anything that across my mind ; quotes or catchy lyrics that I listen. I’m also a forgetful person :p So I need to write important information for remind myself which makes a habit for me.

It’s 3AM already! I need to let my body & mind rest now. See you~

“Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shaped sentences. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, your heart, your soul.”       Meg Rosoff