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East Kalimantan Trip|Day 4/4 : Back home


Last sunrise from Kalimantan

Finally, this will be the last post about East Kalimantan trip in April. 🙂 We had such a short sleep on the last night. We were overnight at Rumah Kedaung Guest House & Cafe. As we arrived there early in the morning, I couldn’t recognize that this place was actually beautiful! It has lots of plantation there. You know, very close to nature.


Exterior from the main building


Half outdoor breakfast area


Interior from the main building where we took our breakfast buffet



Our ‘messy’ room


The other room opposite my room


Goodbye East Kalimantan! Those were such a fun days & experiences!


Rumah Kedaung Guest House & Cafe

Jl. Kedaung, Borneo IV, Sei Bedungun, Tanjung Redeb, Berau, East Kalimantan

+62 82153266291



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East Kalimantan Trip|Day 3/4 : Labuan Cermin


Morning view behind our room


Fried Rice for breakfast (fried rice, fish crackers ‘kerupuk’, cucumber, fried egg)


our guesthouse


The village situation

Here we are at Kecamatan Biduk Biduk!

The morning situation lifted up my fatigue from the long journey after around 6hours on the road. We arrived at 3AM the day after with tired face looked like zombies and all we thought were ‘BED~BED~BED~’ O_0

Woken up at 7AM, forced ourselves to take a shower and get ready for breakfast for another adventure! ^o^

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East Kalimantan Trip|Day2/4 : Kakaban Island


Hello! So here I am, still talking about the trip from April.. (sry,been very very busy last month)

So Kakaban Island was the last island to be visited on that day. This island is famous with its stingless jellyfishes. When we arrived there, the island was surrounded by many dead corals at the seashores. It was impossible for us to walk by fin too and we decided to wear our slippers, actually mountain / hiking slippers are recommended. Continue reading

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East Kalimantan Trip | Day 2/4 : Exploring Islands


Good Morning from Derawan

Yeah!Second day!Couldn’t get more exciting than woke up early (+1 from Jakarta) when everybody was still sleeping back home. We were planning to snorkel and met Whale Shark! Yeap, Whale Shark! You can read about whale shark here


First time Snorkeling

This was my first time to do snorkeling. Some more, the first experience to snorkel was in the middle of the sea! With the Whale Shark too! *o* I was scared at first…but I wouldn’t sink because I was wearing the life vest. I can swim but not that good, so I didn’t trust myself to swim here.


I’m on the left (not the whale shark) :p

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