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Japan|9/14 : Streamer Coffee Company


yea, wearing gloves, wore 2 pieces of heatech inner tops still froze us

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Japan|8/14 : Airbnb at Itabashi


Arrived at Itabashi station around 3PM. The sky was overcast, the sun supposed to come out at this hour usually. The weather still looked like 7AM in the morning.

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Japan|8/14 : Morning in Notoya-ryokan


おはよう ございます ! Good morning!

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A flower that looks like cabbage

Let’s stroll again!

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Japan | 4/14 : Fushimi Inari Taisha (III)



While strolling at Fushimi Inari neighborhood area, I suddenly stopped. I was analyzing whether is it true that I see a coffee shop at the shrine area?

Vermilion is the name. A small cafe at the front but spacious inside. A small cafe in the middle of small neighborhood.

The name was kinda similar to me, but can’t remember where I caught the name of Vermilion.

Without hesitation, we entered this cafe. It was like, ‘Finally I found coffee in Kyoto!’ my heart says.

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Japan | 4/14 : Vermillion Cafe

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23 December 2016


Morning stroll

Greetings from Tokyo! After regained our energy last night, I was grateful that we did not catch a cold or other sickness from the fatigue yesterday. With full energy (and empty stomach) we departed around 1 PM after check out. Strolled around the area to find a place to eat. Again, the Google Maps failed us to our destination which was the other way round. So we needed to turn back again to our departure area and headed to correct direction. Mr. F was the one who lead the direction, since he understands japanese and stayed here for 2 years before. Sometimes he felt nervous and guilty to me because he was not so familiar with Tokyo (he stayed at Kawasaki before).

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Japan | Day 2/14 : A day in Tokyo