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Japan|8/14 : Venus Fort, Odaiba

The colorful illuminated ferris wheel can be viewed as we exit Odaiba train station. Ferris wheel can be seen everywhere in Japan, I bet they love to ride it so much. Well ferris wheel or visit a theme park are another option as romantic place to spend your lover ( I saw this in many mangas and animes).

Do you know that Odaiba is actually an artificial island?

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Japan|8/14 : Airbnb at Itabashi


Arrived at Itabashi station around 3PM. The sky was overcast, the sun supposed to come out at this hour usually. The weather still looked like 7AM in the morning.

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Japan|8/14 : Morning in Notoya-ryokan


おはよう ございます ! Good morning!

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It was 6.30PM when an old lady staff, furthermore we called her obaasan or grandma in Japanese. She could not speak english but she is very friendly and humble. Lucky me, I have Mr. F as japanese speaker here.

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Japan|7/14 : Notoya-ryokan (能登屋旅館)